Busy Bee!

I know it has been a while, but I have been super busy with my boyfriends family, learning to shoot, and working on a charity. At some point I will be traveling for a bit, and starting and overseeing a local charity, which I will post on here, because it will be funded via online donations.

First let’s talk shooting really quick, today I hit my first can! It was only a pump bb riffle that I used, but I have improved greatly from the last time when I was about off from my target. I think when I can finally hit a quarter repeatedly, and a moving frisbee, than I can move on to .22’s. Guns make nervous, even though we have multiple riffles, revolvers etc. in the house. I always ask, “Will it ricochet?” “Is the safety on?” “Is it loaded?” “Are you sure?!” Yeah, I saw A Christmas Story when I was a kid.

Another cool thing that I did was play “football” with my dogs today. They have a NERF squeak football that they adore, and so do I! Why do I like it so much? Its lasted! My pitbulls are notorious chewers, they destroy tennis balls in seconds, so when you find I ball that last a few weeks, I’m thankful.

Speaking of weeks I will heading up north for my birthday, where I will spend some time with friends, and get some items from storage because I couldn’t do it this month. So hello never worn shoes, my gaming pc and other items that I have seriously missed since down grading my lifestyle and moving to Maryland.

It will be the first time back up there since my grandmother died, and I am still missing the conversations we had and the advice and support she gave.

Lastly, as I mentioned I will be in charge of a local personal charity (not deductible) to help raise money for safe housing, etc. for an couple individuals. I will post a link when I get around to making the page. If you would be interested in donating, great! If not, I ask you still help me out by spreading the word and asking your friends, family, and co workers to donate and or share the link.

Thanks for reading!

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