Sweepstakes have been posted, and there’s more to come!

Plus my BB app is finally letting me link! I’ll backtrack today and put some up for my favorite lists.

Happy Reading and best of luck winning!

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Coming Soon

Yay, my first post for the new blog. It has been years since I wrote, so I am pretty excited! I hope to have the first official post up by Wednesday, and get on a Wednesday/Sunday schedule.

The first blog will be about the letter A, and we will run through most letters of the alphabet in following blogs. In near future posts I will be defining terminology often associated with fashion, such as haute couture, hem, knit, kimono and so on.

I hope you find my blog to prove useful as it progresses and we get into the fun stuff, like who has the best deals on Zanotti, where you can find Gucci Flora, what swim suit suits you, and fabulous accessories to rock at work!

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