Hot Home Decor

Teals, reds, bright pinks, yellows and greens will all be wonderful paint colors this spring. Kitchens will be eye popping with vibrant color schemes (including the counters/cupboards) and metal hardware such as chrome or brass. Painting monotone stripes on the bedroom walls will also be popular. A bright, fun and funky wallpaper may also work for you, there are some great damask inspired ones that really demand attention.

Light woods will also be big. And we will be seeing more indoor/outdoor living. If your on a budget, bring in more live plants, light wood furniture or colors such as yellow or green. Place some comfortable fabric covered furniture out by the pool, and a small end table. Make your outdoor space just as inviting as the rest of your home. If you can afford it, go glass, and go big. There’s no better way to merge your outdoor living with your indoor living than glass walls, massive windows and glass doors. A nice addition to your outdoor space… a kitchen complete with fridge, dinning table, spice rack, and grill. A pool house is also another way to combine the two spaces, keep it airy, comfortable and living room relaxing.

In the garden, spruce it up with pink azaleas, yellow trillum, and painted adirondack chairs. Other amazing springtime flowers that get my vote are the harmony iris, and “snowflakes”. And, if your really creative use wooden wheelbarrows, and colorful rain boots as planters. Glass bottles and paint or coffee cans can be painted to make darling plant containers too. You can even use colored drinking glasses, or you could opt to buy some chalk board planters and let the kids (if you have children, or know any) decorate them!

Flowers aren’t just for the garden though, floral or deep blue fabrics will be great choices for bedspreads, throw pillows, and area rugs. Green fabric will also work this spring. Fabric covered headboards are fair game too, and can make for a great DIY project.

Another delightful project is painting. Rustic inspired painted furniture is ideal for any home this season. A painted, worn, wooden desk is a great piece this spring, and you can also use this look for tables and counters. Painted bookshelves, doors, and night stands are also going to be pretty hot. Glass windows on your cupboards aren’t so old and outdated, they can be very hip if you pair them with some fresh bright paint.

Reused items are wonderful and trending now more than ever. Much like the fabric headboards, you can re-purpose items, and make your own one of a kind home furnishings. You can even paint your worn out hardwood floors. White looks magnificent, but let’s be honest, most of us couldn’t keep a white painted floor clean with children and pets running around on it.

For Easter go with pink pastel table cloth’s, a bowl full of painted eggs, easter wreaths or eggshells used as planters for tiny flowers. Just make sure to leave them in the bottom half of the carton to keep them upright.

Final thought: Why spring clean when you can just redecorate!

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Gone To The Dogs.

You love your fluffy pal and being fashionable, what’s a girl to do? Read this and then go shopping of course!

Purse sized dogs will always be in style, pretty much have been since the victorian era. But what about larger breeds such as retrievers? I feel like we see many dogs like Tinkerbell, but not so many Marleys. Sure travel is easier with a poodle sized dog, toy breeds have tons of fabulous fashions to choose from and are small enough to hold up for a selfie photo op. So the question still remains, can you be super fashionable with a bigger breed? I mean you can’t dress them! Wait a minute… You can!

My current dogs are both around 65 pounds, and finding clothes for them is a hard enough, but cute clothes, a nightmare! And they shed! What is easy though, is that dog apparel seems to keep that fur on them and off me and my clothes. And, I like that cute dresses are just that, cute. Plus parka of course keeps them warm in the winter and raincoats keep them dry and not smelling like, well… wet dogs. There are a number of sites out there that offer a fairly wide array of pet products, and listed are a few of my top choices for wearable products, including a dress big enough to fit my chunky girl.

Just a helpful hint, its much easier for me to buy pet clothes at the shop instead of online because my female dog has lots of junk in her trunk (and everywhere else) and I find some XXL’s to be too big or too small for her despite general size charts. Its works better if I can view them, pull them a little, and imagine her fitting in it. Its like when I get them stretchy christmas collars with bells, I have to say, will this fit over my head? If not, it won’t fit over theirs.

Now, without further ado, spring apparel for your pet, that is just as adorable as your pet!

Amazon’s Hot Bows Spotlight with a French Clip for Dogs.
Price: $13.62’s Doggles K9 Optix Copper Dog Glasses.
Price: $11.13

Dr Foster and Smith’s Sherpa Trimmed Hoodie.
Sizes: XS-XXL
Price: $8.99-18.99

Gucci’s dog bone pendant with swarovski crystal detail.
Price: $175

Louis Vuitton’s Dog Carrier 50.
Price: $2,780.00

Petco’s Smoochie Pooch Purple Glamour Girl Dog Hoodie.
Sizes: XXS-M
Price: $11.99

Petco’s Smoochie Pooch Pink Flower Garden Dog Dress.
Sizes: XXS-3XL
Price: 11.99-15.99

Petco Smoochie Pooch Purple & Green Floral Dog Dress
Sizes: XXS-M
Price: $11.99

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Spring 2014 In A Nutshell.

Let me start off by saying, my look today is sick fabulous. This means I got out of bed. I also attempted to brush my hair, but gave up due to lack of energy. So I’m calling it a mixed texture, low messy pony. Because I’m super sick and missed work all week thus far, I really don’t care too much what I look like, no ones going to see me under my covers and hell, let’s face it, my doctors office isn’t a runway loaded with designer labels, its red rudolph noses, not louis vuittons. So, I threw on black skinny leg jeans, black sneakers, a dark brown (most think its black) tank with gold flecks and a bolero inspired black cap sleeve shrug. I also went with purple imported earrings made of crushed shells, my diamond rings, and a diamond tennis bracelet, both in gold. I swear, It looks better than it sounds. As far as my make-up goes, its non existent today. My doctor doesn’t care if I look cute, she just wants to bill me, and write me a ridiculously expensive prescription that will make my shoe money match today’s make-up… nonexistent.

Okay, so I have the A’s and B’s (I didn’t think I would ever find the time to get the B’s done!) posted under “A Defining Moment” so make sure you keep checking it if fashion lingo eludes you.

Moving on… hottest hair! So for Spring 2014 we have mixed dos, such as sleek on top and then when your hair reaches behind your ear, mix it up, ringlets, waves, or even go a little messy (do as I say, not as I do. This isn’t an excuse to not brush, sorry!) if you dare! Plus the classic pony is still on top! This seasons pony is sleek and low, just brush, grab the hair when it meets your neck, pop on a ponytail holder and spray to hold that sleek look! Braids, keep them a little messy, have no fear and don’t fret the flyaways this year! Also, mermaid waves (loose waves), and really funky bobs are hot. Love shiny? I do! This spring shine is in, I personally love Its A 10 for a nice shine and Paul Mitchell oil for even more gloss. Speaking of preferences, I’m not a bob kinda gal, so if your like me you don’t jump for joy at the word. But wait, you have shorter hair? Though I have yet to confirm this, my prediction: high shine, side parts and sleek. Or maybe curls, think glamorous actresses from a time long gone. I can’t see reds being super hot but I do foresee blonde and brunette. I also know bows will rock! Large bows! Don’t worry about feeling like a little kid, with the right pairing, you CAN rock a bow!

So you have springs hottest hair, what’s next? Wardrobe! Ankle boots paired with cute little dresses, pastel business suits or bold and textured. Crisp white shirts, full knee or above length skirts with little jackets and open toe booties. Plus, if you hate your legs, you can opt for full, feminine, tea length dresses, and even wear sneakers! Please for my sake though, avoid following in Channels sneaker covered footsteps! I’m so not a fan of the new dresses with matching shoes, its an atrocity in my opinion. Not sure what they were thinking with that line, but for real, you can pair sneakers with dresses, just not theirs! Now, remember how we talked shine? Well, its not just for your hair! Your clothes and accessories may also have a gloss and be iridescent. This might come as shock but sweatshirts and jogging outfits are also in for the more sporty. Black and white will be in this season too, and you won’t look cheap wearing mesh. I’m also gonna bet that we will see some neon again this year, though I don’t think it will take over. But keep all this in mind if your uber fun and loved themed bashes, because when you host, go with decades! Why? Because a lot of this is repeating what we, or even our grandparents have already seen!

Now that you have an idea of what you’ll be clothed in, let’s talk accessories! Remember our shine theme, yeah its back again! We also have very ornate handbags with fringe and/or studs, and handbags in pastels or white and black. We have a slightly more squared tote/clutch theme this year and I think will see more mesh shopping bags as the green movement continues to carry on! Attention grabbing shades, and large gold necklaces, go wild with your jewelry, its all about being a little off beat. Go big with flowers, pastels and bright vibrant saturated colors. Can’t pick a bracelet? Consider wearing multiples! And please, keep texture in the mix!

Last but far from least, shoes… Whether metallic, pastel, vibrant, simple black, or nuterals are your thing, your in luck! Spring shoes will be very airy, so make sure you get rid of unsightly flaws prior to sporting your new look. Lots of heel, lots of straps, and lots of toe on display, as the weather gets a little warmer. Though sneakers won’t be super huge, and the craze all around, they can work! Ankle boots may also appeal to you if you prefer shorter skirts.

I think we have covered most of this springs hottest trends from head to toe! So before I bid you adieu, let’s recap a little. Shine, pastels, black and white, airy, and extravagant! Lastly keep in mind, at the end of the day, you need to be comfortable. Some people feel themselves in 4 inch heels, others can’t walk in 2 inch heels. Wear what you like, what YOU feel best in.

Au revoir- Couture Vogue

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