Keeping Safe While Staying Stylish.

I don’t promote the use of force in my day to day life, however my boyfriends watching an old John Wayne movie and comparing me to a character in it because neither of us can aim. This reminded me of when I came home one night and he gave me military grade self defense spray (I carry it with me but have yet needed it), and the time he tried to teach me to shoot.

So I got to thinking, there are some very cute self defense weapons I have seen, I mean if your going to carry something, it might as well look good!

These items are here to protect and defend you. They are weapons, so make sure you know how to use them if you own them. My spray not only marks the target and causes temporary blindness, but it also cause difficulty breathing. This doesn’t always just effect the target, it can effect the users too. You don’t want to be gasping while calling 911. Just like you don’t want to rub your eyes if you have the spray on your hands.

As far as guns go, they can hurt you even if your not aiming at yourself. I know a older man who shot his son, he wasn’t aiming at him. He shot a tree and the bullet ricocheted. His kid was fine, but he has little scar from the incident. Know your bullets, what they can and can’t go through, trajectory, surface materials, and practice at a range while wearing the appropriate (and pink!) safety gear. Take a safety course. Learn what can go wrong. For instance, never shoot in small enclosed space, you may find yourself deaf if you do. Keep a firm grip, and know how to properly hold a firearm, or you could end up with a black eye or broken collar bone. Always know not only what’s beside your target but also what’s behind it. A friend of mine left her husbands hunting club, about a mile up the road the back seat window shattered. A bullet went through it, so always be aware not only of your immediate surroundings, but be mindful of what’s beyond that, and how far your discharged weapons bullet can potentially travel. Keep your weapon clean, and not loaded. Know how to take it apart, use locks, and never point unless you plan to fire. Also, learn your local laws.

These items are not toys, they are not accessories, they are meant for life threatening situations. You can cause fatal injuries or face imprisonment if you misuse them

With my quick safety pointers out of the way, here are some stylish self defense weapons for the (sane) woman looking to protect herself without being too bland.

My favorite pink gun is the Sig Sauer mosquito in pink:

My second favorite is the Beretta U22 Neos. To me this gun is very international spy. The U22 Neos with pink grips, well that’s uber hot international spy. Neos pink grips (grips only):

For stun guns, and sprays…

They have an excellent selection of popular products including pink cell phone stun guns!

Yet again, never use a weapon you don’t know everything about, know your laws. I can’t stress safety and legal protection enough. Also, if you purchase anything for self defense and use it, I’m not liable for the results. Be safe, and be sane.

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