My Valentines Day

My Valentines Day so far has been spent in bed, not because I’m being romantic (Two dogs and Happy Bunny PJs just don’t make men want to bust out satin boxers and sexy music), but because I just can’t shake being sick. My voice is so bad my boyfriend calls me Marge Simpson. Which, is kind of funny. What’s not funny is that while coughing I felt a sharp pain in my lower back days ago and it visits every time I move quickly, couch, etc. Sleeping has become a chore. I may be repeating myself, but I can’t recall because it seems my sickness has left me with the memory of many grandparents. The hacking, runny nose, lack of mobility, and old lady forgetfulness… not very romantic, at all.

With all this time spent in bed with my cold chills and gross sweat, I have lots of free time, so long as I don’t have to move around too much that is. Blog though, that I can do! In fact, that’s really all I can do. So much for making today a little special! The Truth about Valentines kind of comforts me though. Valentines Day wasn’t originally hearts and cards. It wasn’t something many people now would have viewed as romantic. Years ago it was violence, not gifts being given. Knowing this (just check makes me feel a little better about not celebrating.

So what were my plans? We tried to think of something we could do on both our budgets that would allow us to let each other know we’re appreciated. Something we don’t do everyday, but we couldn’t think of anything, so I suggested we just get a red box movie, chinese, some chocolate and spend the night in with our dogs. This is a fairly typical night, the only thing special is that there would be a tad more romance in the air due to the holiday. My boyfriend told me this morning he had planned on making a huge heart in the snow (if there was snow, and there is!) on the lawn that can be seen from our bedroom window. As sweet as the idea was, we both got sick. He doesn’t feel like walking through a foot of snow, and I don’t feel like cleaning up the puddles he would track in.

So red box, chocolate and chinese? I say nay. No one wants to leave the house. Cuddles maybe? Not with my back. Plus, he told me the other day while we tried “I just can’t stand you coughing next to me.” Nice unconditional love, huh? Oh well, there are plenty of days that we can celebrate our awkward relationship on. After all, romance isn’t about what you do, its about how you feel, those special moments of bonding, bliss and adoration. Its about genuinely caring, and just because hugs.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentines!

Ps. If you have the single blues, just read up on the history of V day with single besties, its pretty good anti-romance material. One time my girlfriends and I stayed in and watched horror movies, ate chocolate and drank wine. We had a blast talking about how dumb the characters were and after a while the wine put us in pretty good moods! We changed from narcissistic snobs to drunk chicks that laughed at anything and yelled stuff like “Woohoo”!

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