As the seasons change I find myself in need of different scenery, so it is time to redecorate. This winter I had lots of blue on the bed, black and grey towels, but now its about that time for flowers and not snow. Okay, okay, so maybe I’m rushing spring a bit! But I’m tired of the chilly weather, I want ballet flats and spring air already!

With the lighter feel in the air, I’ll crave lighter brighter colors, and thinner fabrics. I have already cut my hair, now I just need to dye it, chances are I’ll simply pull out the strawberry blonde highlights I already have, make them pop. I’ll add more color into my wardrobe, more skirts and some capris for nice days.

As for my living space, I have been busy picking out paint in my spare time, not that I have had much. But I have chosen to use a teal and chartreuse. Behr’s Mermaid Treasure and Hidden Meadow are good contenders. I’ll paint the stairs and get rid of the white risers and dark wood treads that I have looked since I moved in.

Speaking of dark wood, I know light will be in, but I really like Lamton’s Princeton Black laminate. It would look great in my bedroom, easy to clean, and only around 50 cents. The best part, for me, is that I can do it myself. As a slight control freak, I enjoying doing things myself, that way I know whatever it is, will get done the way I want.

A good example of getting what I want and how I want would be the stair handrail. I know I want white, but if I were to send my boyfriend into the store he would grab any white, and I would be angry he didn’t get the whitest white they have, because I want white and not almost white. I am fond Glidden’s Dove White, so chances are, that’s the one I’ll grab. Not Arctic White or Antique White, but Dove White.

Once I have all the painting done, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I start picking out other tidbits to swap out or redo. Maybe paint the unused computer desk, update it. Or, get new blinds, possibly in tan instead of the brown that’s currently hanging.

I find when I get into spring cleaning mode, that’s the best time to swap out items. Might as well sweep up paint chips while in the mood!

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Hot Home Decor

Teals, reds, bright pinks, yellows and greens will all be wonderful paint colors this spring. Kitchens will be eye popping with vibrant color schemes (including the counters/cupboards) and metal hardware such as chrome or brass. Painting monotone stripes on the bedroom walls will also be popular. A bright, fun and funky wallpaper may also work for you, there are some great damask inspired ones that really demand attention.

Light woods will also be big. And we will be seeing more indoor/outdoor living. If your on a budget, bring in more live plants, light wood furniture or colors such as yellow or green. Place some comfortable fabric covered furniture out by the pool, and a small end table. Make your outdoor space just as inviting as the rest of your home. If you can afford it, go glass, and go big. There’s no better way to merge your outdoor living with your indoor living than glass walls, massive windows and glass doors. A nice addition to your outdoor space… a kitchen complete with fridge, dinning table, spice rack, and grill. A pool house is also another way to combine the two spaces, keep it airy, comfortable and living room relaxing.

In the garden, spruce it up with pink azaleas, yellow trillum, and painted adirondack chairs. Other amazing springtime flowers that get my vote are the harmony iris, and “snowflakes”. And, if your really creative use wooden wheelbarrows, and colorful rain boots as planters. Glass bottles and paint or coffee cans can be painted to make darling plant containers too. You can even use colored drinking glasses, or you could opt to buy some chalk board planters and let the kids (if you have children, or know any) decorate them!

Flowers aren’t just for the garden though, floral or deep blue fabrics will be great choices for bedspreads, throw pillows, and area rugs. Green fabric will also work this spring. Fabric covered headboards are fair game too, and can make for a great DIY project.

Another delightful project is painting. Rustic inspired painted furniture is ideal for any home this season. A painted, worn, wooden desk is a great piece this spring, and you can also use this look for tables and counters. Painted bookshelves, doors, and night stands are also going to be pretty hot. Glass windows on your cupboards aren’t so old and outdated, they can be very hip if you pair them with some fresh bright paint.

Reused items are wonderful and trending now more than ever. Much like the fabric headboards, you can re-purpose items, and make your own one of a kind home furnishings. You can even paint your worn out hardwood floors. White looks magnificent, but let’s be honest, most of us couldn’t keep a white painted floor clean with children and pets running around on it.

For Easter go with pink pastel table cloth’s, a bowl full of painted eggs, easter wreaths or eggshells used as planters for tiny flowers. Just make sure to leave them in the bottom half of the carton to keep them upright.

Final thought: Why spring clean when you can just redecorate!

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