Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day! Here I have some last minute gift ideas for dad…

If your dad adores a certain sports teams, go with team items such as key chains, mugs, team jerseys, license plate holders, photo frames (add a photo of the two of you), throws or whatever else he may he like! Go Ravens, Dolphins, Bull Dogs, Bruins, Red Sox, Yankees, Cowboys, Blackhawks, Gators, or whatever sports team he cheers for!

Next up… sports equipment. Maybe he has a great golf swing but could use a new driver, and you can never have too many golf balls! You even can get them monogrammed with his initials! If he’s not into golf maybe he likes tennis, and needs his racquet stringed. Or maybe hes mentioned he wants to toss a ball around with the grandkids. Get him a glove, baseball and bring the kids by for some outdoor fun! You could even go the extra mile and fire up the grill while they play catch.

While I’m still on sports, get tickets to take him to a game, or set it up the two of you, or the whole family can see a pee wee game some day, if he can bear to watch children play (some dads just can’t suffer through that many fouls, but hey, some have a blast watching kids learn sports!).

If your dad has a sweet tooth opt for his favorite candy. Some dads like Swedish Fish, some Lindt chocolates, while others prefer chocolate covered banana chips or chocolate covered raisins. Make up a gift bag to get him through those candy cravings!

Two words… gift cards. JC Penny, Starbucks, Auto Zone, Amazon or any other places you know he loves to shop/dine at!

Other good gift ideas are a watch, or tie. These are great if dad works as a CEO, lawyer, etc. Music is another great gift, buy a CD for his daily commute, or burn one from songs you downloaded for the special day.

You can also get a subscription to ESPN, or his favorite magazine. If he’s not into sports or reading, offer up a Prime account from Amazon, or a subscription to Netflix! Movies are perfect for the movie buff dads, but if he’s not into tech, consider a dvd or movie tickets. Don’t forget the popcorn!

If he’s handy, tools are a sure fire win. There’s no such thing as too many screw drivers! And hey, didn’t he need a new power drill!

You can even bring his old chainsaw into the shop for tooth repairs. Repairing what he already has can be fairly inexpensive, and saves dad the hassle of doing it. So take his mower blades in to be sharpened, or if likes to do this stuff himself, offer to help fix that cord on old mower with him!
Quality bonding time is great motivation! And it gets your mom off his back!

But then again, maybe its a old car he wants restored and not a mower, no worries, print out a faux coupon for 1 free day of restoration help. Or if dads not into restoring cars, get his new baby a full detail! If you cant afford it, take it to the local car wash and make it a DIY (if he let’s you drive it!).

If you have a funny pet dad in your life, give him a gag gift, a squeak toy works great! Or make a card from the bunny, dog or cats!

Lastly if you have money issues and your dads been helping you foot your bills, he’ll understand that you can’t get an expensive gift. And, he’ll be touched that you popped in, thanked him for all the support and gave him a warm hug.

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Valentines Made Quick And Easy!

I just wanted to throw out some last minute ideas for all you procrastinators.

*Got a chocolate lover on your hands? Give Godiva! Godiva is one of my all time favorite chocolatiers. My second choice would be Lindt truffles, and they can be found just about anywhere nowadays, so no need to worry about shipping. Psst… While your grabbing a box for whomever, grab one for me too!

*Want to do something special for single gal pals? I give flowers, I also add balloons or a small candy bar. And, I always make sure they are their favorite types of flowers and/or their favorite colors, luckily, ribbons make for a great splash of color.

*Tickets. Movies make good gifts when you are unclear regarding what a persons preferences are when it comes to Valentines gift getting. Like for when you know he hates sweets, but loves action flicks.

*Mix tapes are so romantic, if your valentine loves personalized and crafty, this is perfect, and it doesn’t take very long to download a few songs.

*Romantic night in. A bottle of wine and a couple candles can go along way! For romance I normally suggest a blush, but if your eating chocolate, this might be too sweet for you.

* Jewelry, just make sure its not going to tarnish. Nothing says cheap like a green finger. Also, make sure its a metal your valentine will wear. Not sure of ring size? Skip it and get a necklace. Pearls make for good gifts too, so don’t just get stuck on diamonds.

*Got a kid? Stuffed animals are all around!

*Pets? Doggy cookies are a nice way to say “I love you” or any gift really will make them happy! Sweet simplicity.

What about budgets? Its simple, get less pricey chocolates, or smaller quantities. Carnations are only a couple bucks and you can swap nice wine for boxed if you must. I don’t suggest it, but then again, I, myself, won’t turn my nose up if offered boxed zinfandel.

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