My Lack Of Fashion Week?

You see Fashion week everywhere! As in all over the world and all over the tv. It seems whatever country is hosting fashion week, that’s what’s on the that country’s televisions. You also see it in print and on the web.

As much I love fashion shows, there’s just too much to cover in one blog post and there’s just too much already out there as it happens. My boyfriend just said to me “Did you hear that Sarah Jessica Parker Chick will be at her store in New York, bet you wanna go.” And though I would love to see the Carrie shoes first hand and have SJP ring me up, I have heard about her new shoes a hundred times. And seen them on the web, read about how she name the collection Carrie and so on. Even adoring Carrie Bradshaw, SJP and some of the shoes from her I have seen, I get it already! She has new shoes and a deal with Nordstrom’s!

I can’t spend time covering something I don’t like. To me its fruitless. I would much rather tell you what I like, what I look forward to and give my personal opinions than just “Carrie” on about what the media tells me to like. That’s why I made the Spring Into Spring post. I offer up my favorites, instead of just throwing everything into a post, even items none of us will ever wear!

Take The Blonds bright yellow tweety bird swimsuit get up thing, the only people that would even be willing to rock that would be Miley (twerk in that tweet!) or Lady Gaga. I sure as hell wouldn’t wear it if given the chance. I might say “I need to add some canary yellow to my wardrobe” ” I need to be a bit more playful”, but I most certainly will not say “I want that!”

There have been some great pieces on the runway, mainly the shoes (I’m kind of a shoe nut) and most of the more eccentric looks are exquisite in an artful sort of way. But, the fact is, unless your into the beauty and art of high fashion, you get numb to things like fashion week, and most woman enjoy the idea of high fashion but just aren’t into it enough to spend time anticipating every article of clothing.

I just figured it made more sense, for me, to skip the play by play.

Real woman, real inspiration, real wardrobes. -Couture Vogue

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Spring 2014 In A Nutshell.

Let me start off by saying, my look today is sick fabulous. This means I got out of bed. I also attempted to brush my hair, but gave up due to lack of energy. So I’m calling it a mixed texture, low messy pony. Because I’m super sick and missed work all week thus far, I really don’t care too much what I look like, no ones going to see me under my covers and hell, let’s face it, my doctors office isn’t a runway loaded with designer labels, its red rudolph noses, not louis vuittons. So, I threw on black skinny leg jeans, black sneakers, a dark brown (most think its black) tank with gold flecks and a bolero inspired black cap sleeve shrug. I also went with purple imported earrings made of crushed shells, my diamond rings, and a diamond tennis bracelet, both in gold. I swear, It looks better than it sounds. As far as my make-up goes, its non existent today. My doctor doesn’t care if I look cute, she just wants to bill me, and write me a ridiculously expensive prescription that will make my shoe money match today’s make-up… nonexistent.

Okay, so I have the A’s and B’s (I didn’t think I would ever find the time to get the B’s done!) posted under “A Defining Moment” so make sure you keep checking it if fashion lingo eludes you.

Moving on… hottest hair! So for Spring 2014 we have mixed dos, such as sleek on top and then when your hair reaches behind your ear, mix it up, ringlets, waves, or even go a little messy (do as I say, not as I do. This isn’t an excuse to not brush, sorry!) if you dare! Plus the classic pony is still on top! This seasons pony is sleek and low, just brush, grab the hair when it meets your neck, pop on a ponytail holder and spray to hold that sleek look! Braids, keep them a little messy, have no fear and don’t fret the flyaways this year! Also, mermaid waves (loose waves), and really funky bobs are hot. Love shiny? I do! This spring shine is in, I personally love Its A 10 for a nice shine and Paul Mitchell oil for even more gloss. Speaking of preferences, I’m not a bob kinda gal, so if your like me you don’t jump for joy at the word. But wait, you have shorter hair? Though I have yet to confirm this, my prediction: high shine, side parts and sleek. Or maybe curls, think glamorous actresses from a time long gone. I can’t see reds being super hot but I do foresee blonde and brunette. I also know bows will rock! Large bows! Don’t worry about feeling like a little kid, with the right pairing, you CAN rock a bow!

So you have springs hottest hair, what’s next? Wardrobe! Ankle boots paired with cute little dresses, pastel business suits or bold and textured. Crisp white shirts, full knee or above length skirts with little jackets and open toe booties. Plus, if you hate your legs, you can opt for full, feminine, tea length dresses, and even wear sneakers! Please for my sake though, avoid following in Channels sneaker covered footsteps! I’m so not a fan of the new dresses with matching shoes, its an atrocity in my opinion. Not sure what they were thinking with that line, but for real, you can pair sneakers with dresses, just not theirs! Now, remember how we talked shine? Well, its not just for your hair! Your clothes and accessories may also have a gloss and be iridescent. This might come as shock but sweatshirts and jogging outfits are also in for the more sporty. Black and white will be in this season too, and you won’t look cheap wearing mesh. I’m also gonna bet that we will see some neon again this year, though I don’t think it will take over. But keep all this in mind if your uber fun and loved themed bashes, because when you host, go with decades! Why? Because a lot of this is repeating what we, or even our grandparents have already seen!

Now that you have an idea of what you’ll be clothed in, let’s talk accessories! Remember our shine theme, yeah its back again! We also have very ornate handbags with fringe and/or studs, and handbags in pastels or white and black. We have a slightly more squared tote/clutch theme this year and I think will see more mesh shopping bags as the green movement continues to carry on! Attention grabbing shades, and large gold necklaces, go wild with your jewelry, its all about being a little off beat. Go big with flowers, pastels and bright vibrant saturated colors. Can’t pick a bracelet? Consider wearing multiples! And please, keep texture in the mix!

Last but far from least, shoes… Whether metallic, pastel, vibrant, simple black, or nuterals are your thing, your in luck! Spring shoes will be very airy, so make sure you get rid of unsightly flaws prior to sporting your new look. Lots of heel, lots of straps, and lots of toe on display, as the weather gets a little warmer. Though sneakers won’t be super huge, and the craze all around, they can work! Ankle boots may also appeal to you if you prefer shorter skirts.

I think we have covered most of this springs hottest trends from head to toe! So before I bid you adieu, let’s recap a little. Shine, pastels, black and white, airy, and extravagant! Lastly keep in mind, at the end of the day, you need to be comfortable. Some people feel themselves in 4 inch heels, others can’t walk in 2 inch heels. Wear what you like, what YOU feel best in.

Au revoir- Couture Vogue

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