Busy Bee!

I know it has been a while, but I have been super busy with my boyfriends family, learning to shoot, and working on a charity. At some point I will be traveling for a bit, and starting and overseeing a local charity, which I will post on here, because it will be funded via online donations.

First let’s talk shooting really quick, today I hit my first can! It was only a pump bb riffle that I used, but I have improved greatly from the last time when I was about off from my target. I think when I can finally hit a quarter repeatedly, and a moving frisbee, than I can move on to .22’s. Guns make nervous, even though we have multiple riffles, revolvers etc. in the house. I always ask, “Will it ricochet?” “Is the safety on?” “Is it loaded?” “Are you sure?!” Yeah, I saw A Christmas Story when I was a kid.

Another cool thing that I did was play “football” with my dogs today. They have a NERF squeak football that they adore, and so do I! Why do I like it so much? Its lasted! My pitbulls are notorious chewers, they destroy tennis balls in seconds, so when you find I ball that last a few weeks, I’m thankful.

Speaking of weeks I will heading up north for my birthday, where I will spend some time with friends, and get some items from storage because I couldn’t do it this month. So hello never worn shoes, my gaming pc and other items that I have seriously missed since down grading my lifestyle and moving to Maryland.

It will be the first time back up there since my grandmother died, and I am still missing the conversations we had and the advice and support she gave.

Lastly, as I mentioned I will be in charge of a local personal charity (not deductible) to help raise money for safe housing, etc. for an couple individuals. I will post a link when I get around to making the page. If you would be interested in donating, great! If not, I ask you still help me out by spreading the word and asking your friends, family, and co workers to donate and or share the link.

Thanks for reading!

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Clean Your Coach In The Kitchen

The other day one of my dogs had a tummy issue, do you see where this is going? If you don’t I’ll try to be clear.

One of my not so little dogs made belly boo boo #2s. In the house. Then stepped in the #2s. Following this he jumped up and knocked my Coach signature daisy purse on the floor. Lastly, he walked on said purse with his #2 covered paws.

With this all said and done, I had to clean it. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out hundreds of dollars over my baby’s belly boo boo poos. After all, many people wash cloth diapers, hankies and so on. Theses icky laden fabrics get reused, and don’t cause any serious health issues. I just wish I could have used bleach, Lysol or thrown the bag in the wash through a sanitize cycle!

Up until my poo paw print purse, I always prided myself on taking really good care of my things, most of them, I have had to purchase myself, with my own money that I acquired working a full 40 plus hours. Growing up my mother was far from rich, and in high school I paid for the extravagant items I wanted. I’m glad though because I learned the value of items (as well as the prices and thankfully percentages from shopping so much).

With all that pride and care though, crappy (pun intended) things still happen. This particular event I most certainly did not foresee. If I had a bottle of Coach cleaner, I could have used that, but I didn’t because I am extremely careful and never get my purses dirty. I put make up in zip-lock bags, make sure my maces lock is on and keep it in a little pocket. I never set my purses on floors or even car seats. None the less I had a cringe worthy mess to clean. Luckily, there are ways to clean designer handbags without running to a store, the cleaners or waiting for cleaner to be shipped. Its a cheap soap called dish wash detergent, and its safe for jacquard Coach bags! And then there’s also regular good old fashioned laundry detergent!

A drop of antibacterial detergent on a toothbrush does wonders for say… stuck on pasta sauce or grease spots! Just a little gentle scrubbing, a quick pat with a wet wash cloth, and next thing you know, looks like new again.

For a whole bag clean, I use laundry soap, I just pour a little in the sink, filler -up and plop in my bag. Then just take a washcloth (preferably white) and gently scrub. Rinse, and hang dry. You might be surprised just how well your bag holds water!

Before you try this, I still suggest you test this method on a super small sample piece, such as on the inside. Let’s face it, I just don’t want to get blamed because we use different detergents. Also, if you have a warranty and think you may use it, the only way you can clean your bag is with coach cleaner. Personally I don’t have a warranty. I’m a free spirit.

For an after photo just check Twitter @Couturevogue

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Gone To The Dogs.

You love your fluffy pal and being fashionable, what’s a girl to do? Read this and then go shopping of course!

Purse sized dogs will always be in style, pretty much have been since the victorian era. But what about larger breeds such as retrievers? I feel like we see many dogs like Tinkerbell, but not so many Marleys. Sure travel is easier with a poodle sized dog, toy breeds have tons of fabulous fashions to choose from and are small enough to hold up for a selfie photo op. So the question still remains, can you be super fashionable with a bigger breed? I mean you can’t dress them! Wait a minute… You can!

My current dogs are both around 65 pounds, and finding clothes for them is a hard enough, but cute clothes, a nightmare! And they shed! What is easy though, is that dog apparel seems to keep that fur on them and off me and my clothes. And, I like that cute dresses are just that, cute. Plus parka of course keeps them warm in the winter and raincoats keep them dry and not smelling like, well… wet dogs. There are a number of sites out there that offer a fairly wide array of pet products, and listed are a few of my top choices for wearable products, including a dress big enough to fit my chunky girl.

Just a helpful hint, its much easier for me to buy pet clothes at the shop instead of online because my female dog has lots of junk in her trunk (and everywhere else) and I find some XXL’s to be too big or too small for her despite general size charts. Its works better if I can view them, pull them a little, and imagine her fitting in it. Its like when I get them stretchy christmas collars with bells, I have to say, will this fit over my head? If not, it won’t fit over theirs.

Now, without further ado, spring apparel for your pet, that is just as adorable as your pet!

Amazon’s Hot Bows Spotlight with a French Clip for Dogs.
Price: $13.62

Dog.com’s Doggles K9 Optix Copper Dog Glasses.
Price: $11.13

Dr Foster and Smith’s Sherpa Trimmed Hoodie.
Sizes: XS-XXL
Price: $8.99-18.99

Gucci’s dog bone pendant with swarovski crystal detail.
Price: $175

Louis Vuitton’s Dog Carrier 50.
Price: $2,780.00

Petco’s Smoochie Pooch Purple Glamour Girl Dog Hoodie.
Sizes: XXS-M
Price: $11.99

Petco’s Smoochie Pooch Pink Flower Garden Dog Dress.
Sizes: XXS-3XL
Price: 11.99-15.99

Petco Smoochie Pooch Purple & Green Floral Dog Dress
Sizes: XXS-M
Price: $11.99

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