My Grandmother recently died, and it has kept me a bit distracted. We were very close, but since moving to Maryland, I really didn’t get to see her. At first there was a bit of guilt, but she was wise and I would like to think, that she would understand how life can get in the way. Not saying its right or wrong, but it happens regardless.

I missed the funeral, but may need to go up next month. Its hard to get back, its expensive, we have the dogs, our neighborhood could be nicer, meaning I wouldn’t stress so much leaving our flat screen, game consoles and so on unattended for long periods of time.

But you do what you have to, and in the end I have no regrets. She knew even with the age gap she was one of my closest friends, confidant, and one of the few people I respected.

Hopefully I can console my family in the upcoming months, and our lives will get back on track. But as for now, I’ll be spending less time online and more time keeping in touch with scattered aunts and cousins.

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