Weight Loss and Clothes You adore!

While I am still keeping busy following up on my favorite charities, I am also very busy with my new weight loss plan.

It has been a few years since my last diet, and in all honesty, it was a bit of a failure. It wasn’t that I didn’t loose weight, because I did. It was a failure because it made me sick. I used to wake up and eat a couple spoonfuls of natural peanut butter, and by natural I mean it was primarily peanuts with no added sugars etc. Later in the day I would I eat either and apple or a cheese stick. That was it, all day.

I would exercise constantly. I would be become depressed if the scale didn’t say I had lost at least one pound every morning. I said thing like “I ate already” or “I’ll eat later” knowing full well I was lying to protect my secret because people worry, and their worries annoyed me. I thought I was happy, after all, I had control, I had will power. I was on my way to perfection.

You may be wondering what changed, why I bumbed up my calories and carbs knowing I would gain weight. The answer is simple, I was sick. I would faint, I was in the ER at least once a week getting two to three bags of fluid pumped in me, my heartbeat was not normal, and I could even feel my pulse in my ankles while I tried in vain to fall asleep. I was angry that I wasn’t loosing three pounds a day, and became annoyed when someone offered me food, even a few bites of celery. I finally ran out of energy.

I decided, if I continued, I was going to be in jeopardy, so I added salads for lunch, and ate small meals instead of just an apple or cheese stick. I even added sugar and cream in my morning coffee! I did this for months. I finally ate pizza in front of my then new boyfriend because I didn’t want him to think I was a total weirdo. It was that pizza that made me throw all that hard work out the window. It was sooo good! And since then, I have ate whatever, whenever, I wanted.

Sounds like a good story, but I have a love for chocolate that isn’t healthy, I love cake. I like pasta, McDonalds daily doubles, and their hot fudge sundaes. I like KFC… a lot. So now I have become a bit of a blob. But I’m a happy blob.

Its taken me a while to feel comfortable enough to diet again. I didn’t want to go back to my lack of food addiction. I didn’t want to have to lie again and feel alone hiding my “so called” problem, because for me, it never really was a problem. But, I have come to a point where I don’t fear relapse. I’m okay with not being perfect. Though, after seeing my old clothes, I have decided they are far too cute to sit folded in a box.

That brings us to now, my first diet in years. I am happy to say, I am watching my calories, carbs, fats, sugars, fiber and protein. My addiction isn’t chocolate, it isn’t soley control or perfection. My addiction is healthy management of my intake, its balance. Thought I may still have an addictive personality, for the first time in a long time, I can say its the healthiest addiction I could ask for. I was actually slightly concerned I only had seven to eight-hundred calories a couple days this week because I know my body burns about five-hundred just sleeping.

I’m writing this not to brag that I’m getting healthy, but to tell other people its okay not be perfect and your not alone. No matter if you struggle because you have some sort of eating disorder and are feeling drained by it, or if you need to shed some pounds for health reasons. I have been on both sides of the weight coin, and so far, making good choices feels the best!

If you under eat, know your body will be happy its getting feed, know its okay to gain a few pounds, because real people are not skeletal, airbrushed and photo-shopped photos are. Plus, in studies, men tend to prefer woman around a size twelve, not six! Know its okay to eat a few chocolate chips, or visit your doctor with your health concerns if your having dizzy spells, dry skin or hair loss. Its okay to be normal, and you don’t need to give up control to give up a concerning disorder.

If you struggle to stay focused on a diet, get inspiration! Mine was my old clothes, if you don’t adore them, then think of them as money wasted if you don’t wear them! Or, if you don’t have any old smaller sized clothing, do what I used to, buy some! Every time you drop a size, get a new wardrobe! And be happy even if you don’t always hit your weight loss goals, there’s always tomorrow! It really isn’t the end of the world if you only lose one pound in a week, because your one pound closer to success! A whole pound! If you ever saw a pound of fat, you would realize, it took effort to shed it!

Some staples in my healthy diet are; Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal
Grilled Chicken
Baked Fish
Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt
Fruit and Low Fat Yogurt Cups
Salads with Lean Hamburger, shredded Cheese, and Taco Seasoning!
I also eat;
Muller Dark Chocolate and Fruit Greek Yogurt (great for a sweet tooth crave)
Turkey Chili with beans
Baked Beans
Whole Wheat and Veggie Puree Pastas
Chunky Veggie Pasta Sauce
Whole Grain Sandwich Thins
Chilli with hot sauce
Turkey Bologna
Low Fat Pork and Turkey Hot dogs
Peanut Butter
Ranch Dressing (in moderation)
Carmel (a couple spoonfuls with apple slices makes a great sweet tooth treat every now and again)
Flavored Sparkling Water
Powerade Zero
Gatorade Low Cal
And lots of water!

To close, here are some stretches/exercises that I enjoy and maybe you will too! (Ps. Make sure you warm up, cool down and stretch!) Bridge opposite arm leg reach, sit ups, girly push ups, curls, snow angels, stair climbing, squats, planks, chest press, toe points, arm and ankle circles, overhead reach, leg lifts, eleves, walking (I prefer hills to help slim down my hips), etc.

The exercises above are fairly simple. And, as an added bonus, if you mix and match them, it keeps it interesting and fun, and as an added bonus, you target multiple areas such as your chest, tush, legs, hips, shoulders and stomach!

Hope this serves as some hope or inspiration.

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Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day! Here I have some last minute gift ideas for dad…

If your dad adores a certain sports teams, go with team items such as key chains, mugs, team jerseys, license plate holders, photo frames (add a photo of the two of you), throws or whatever else he may he like! Go Ravens, Dolphins, Bull Dogs, Bruins, Red Sox, Yankees, Cowboys, Blackhawks, Gators, or whatever sports team he cheers for!

Next up… sports equipment. Maybe he has a great golf swing but could use a new driver, and you can never have too many golf balls! You even can get them monogrammed with his initials! If he’s not into golf maybe he likes tennis, and needs his racquet stringed. Or maybe hes mentioned he wants to toss a ball around with the grandkids. Get him a glove, baseball and bring the kids by for some outdoor fun! You could even go the extra mile and fire up the grill while they play catch.

While I’m still on sports, get tickets to take him to a game, or set it up the two of you, or the whole family can see a pee wee game some day, if he can bear to watch children play (some dads just can’t suffer through that many fouls, but hey, some have a blast watching kids learn sports!).

If your dad has a sweet tooth opt for his favorite candy. Some dads like Swedish Fish, some Lindt chocolates, while others prefer chocolate covered banana chips or chocolate covered raisins. Make up a gift bag to get him through those candy cravings!

Two words… gift cards. JC Penny, Starbucks, Auto Zone, Amazon or any other places you know he loves to shop/dine at!

Other good gift ideas are a watch, or tie. These are great if dad works as a CEO, lawyer, etc. Music is another great gift, buy a CD for his daily commute, or burn one from songs you downloaded for the special day.

You can also get a subscription to ESPN, or his favorite magazine. If he’s not into sports or reading, offer up a Prime account from Amazon, or a subscription to Netflix! Movies are perfect for the movie buff dads, but if he’s not into tech, consider a dvd or movie tickets. Don’t forget the popcorn!

If he’s handy, tools are a sure fire win. There’s no such thing as too many screw drivers! And hey, didn’t he need a new power drill!

You can even bring his old chainsaw into the shop for tooth repairs. Repairing what he already has can be fairly inexpensive, and saves dad the hassle of doing it. So take his mower blades in to be sharpened, or if likes to do this stuff himself, offer to help fix that cord on old mower with him!
Quality bonding time is great motivation! And it gets your mom off his back!

But then again, maybe its a old car he wants restored and not a mower, no worries, print out a faux coupon for 1 free day of restoration help. Or if dads not into restoring cars, get his new baby a full detail! If you cant afford it, take it to the local car wash and make it a DIY (if he let’s you drive it!).

If you have a funny pet dad in your life, give him a gag gift, a squeak toy works great! Or make a card from the bunny, dog or cats!

Lastly if you have money issues and your dads been helping you foot your bills, he’ll understand that you can’t get an expensive gift. And, he’ll be touched that you popped in, thanked him for all the support and gave him a warm hug.

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Parenting Rant

Really glad my mother threw out my toys if I didn’t pick them up, grounded me, and made me return the candy I stole. Glad she told me no and glad my grandmother beat my butt when I didn’t sit on the couch properly. Thankful she pulled my ear, smacked me with her hairbrush and had a paint stick with my name on it. It wasn’t child abuse, they didn’t beat me for the heck of it, they were teaching me life lessons.

If it wasn’t for my mother making me return the candy, I would be a thief, and probably in jail, if she didn’t throw away my toys, I wouldn’t value and take care of what I have. If my grandmother didn’t smack me for not sitting “properly”, I would never have learned to sit like a lady and portray confidence while doing so. If she didn’t smack me with her brush, I would be a lot less inclined to sit under a hot hair dryer to get a perm and more likely to whine about every little hair pull. Without that paint stick and being grounded I would have grown up to believe that the world revolved around me and it would have been a much harder lesson to learn as an adult.

I’m posting this because I’m sick of seeing young woman behave like trollops, kids throwing violent fits when someone tells them no. I’m feed up with parents not having control. As hard as it for some parents to believe, when your child’s screaming in the store, running into people with shopping carts and swearing at you, I don’t think its cute. I don’t find it to be funny, or charming in ANY way. I find that type of behavior to be alarming.

By giving your children whatever they want and never telling them no, your hurting them. Your not being nice to other people, your not being nice to your child, and your not helping yourself, because it will only get worse. Worse for those of us who have to put up with your child in public, more crushing for the child when they grow up and reality hits like a boulder, and as a parent, you’ll be left to always pick up the pieces.

So I am asking parents to please, please, set boundaries. Enforce them, even if you don’t believe in spanking, you can follow through with time outs, etc. Children, even small ones, are not stupid, most can comprehend right from wrong, and understand the concept of repercussions. Nothing bothers me more than a parent that’s just lazy, always “the friend” or afraid of their child.

It saddens me to see the way some of these kids end up, dropping out, pregnant, on the streets, on drugs. These are kids that will have to learn some very tough life lessons, and too many will have to struggle to make a better life for themselves. I think if they had more guidance and discipline, they may have had more confidence, greater opportunities, and brighter futures.

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Fat People… And An Oscar Dress Issue.

Okay, so some of you already heard that Melissa McCarthy (played in Heat, Identity Thief, The Hangover Part III, Gilmore Girls, etc.) was turned down by a number of designers when she asked to have an Oscar dress made. Though, I do need to state that Mark Zunino is reported to have sent her a couple sketches and was eager to dress the actress for the occasion.

Now with that being said, fashion, especially high end fashion, has always been a skinny girls world, even off the rack designer clothes don’t typically cater to “plus size” woman, and I personally don’t have a problem with that. Do I think designer clothes need to run a little larger? Yes. By a size or two, but I also don’t think that every article should run larger, some just look awful in larger sizes, point blank. Am I fat hater? No, defiantly not, weight has always been an issue for me, so I most certainly can not judge. I have never been a 0, nor will I ever be, I have never even been 6, nor will I ever be, but the truth is, there are certain dresses that us fat chicks just simply can not pull off.

Do I think a handful of designers should have told her no? Most certainly not. If your a talented designer, you can create dresses that look fabulous on larger woman. If your work only looks good skinny gals, your not very good at your job. And, I think your a closed minded if you turn someone down just for having a higher BMI than your used to. I’m not asking for every designer to promote cellulite and fat rolls, though it would be nice to see more cover a range of healthy weights on the runway.

Hollywood is tough enough, you don’t need them criticizing your weight, viewers critiquing your body and designers telling you your too fat for them to make you a dress. Wendy Williams (known for The Wendy Show and being an on air personality) stated that she too has had issues with designers because she doesn’t conform to their ideal measurements. I believe her term was husky, hefty? Either way, as a designer, you run a business, you can turn people down, but its still a business, its not personal, so please push aside your skinny girl ideals when it comes to these events. These woman are not asking to own the runway, be front and center on swimsuit magazines, and become spokes people for designers, they are simply asking for a dress. One custom dress.

But hey, Melissa rocked her off the rack dress (Marina Rinaldi), looking like a well fed GODDESS with cherub cheeks at the 2012 Oscars. And, I feel like those designers are getting what they deserve by Wendy and Melissa not name dropping, congrats gals on not giving them any more exposure! They obviously don’t need it. And good luck to Melissa’s own fashion line! Can’t wait to see it, and I can’t wait to see what sizes she will cover! Who knows, maybe I’ll be wearing her in the future!

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Time, isnt on my side.

It feels like I have been sooo busy! This weekend I got to take a break from the monotony of daily life and head to a cookout, where we, like many other americans, watched fireworks, pet the neighbors dog, and relaxed. Only, to get back to the grind though the next day.

I feel as if I have totally disregarded my commitment to this blog though, and honestly can not promise another post. So, just a heads up, please don’t hold your breath. Someday I would greatly like to get back on track, finish the dictionary, make a post about how to properly wash clothes, give tips on how to keep jeans looking like new for years. Post about the cutest hunting fashion just in case you date a redneck with a large truck, or maybe ridding apparel in case your seeing a country boy who lives on a horse farm, maybe even post about my favorite horses (Shire, percherons, falabella, black forest and cleveland bays are on the top of that list!) Or the hottest show saddles!

But enough open air talk, I need to get ready to go, I have to go shopping (the boring kind, baking supplies and household items) and get my sometimes charming boyfriend motivated for a long night of travel, and keeping up appearances.

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Happy Mothers Day!

A little late, but I am still fairly busy! I just wanted to wish all the great moms who put the work in (and it is work!) A Happy Mothers Day! I greatly appreciate the mothers who put the effort in to teach their children right from wrong, the ones who sacrifice a night out or new shoes. Here’s to the moms that teach their kids about honesty, and respect. The Moms that watch over and protect their children. Not every mom is a super mom, but as long as you try your best, here’s to you! Hope you all had a day filled with sleeping babies, and well behaved kids! Breakfast in bed, flowers and gifts! Maybe even a trip to the spa 😉

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Busy Bee!

I know it has been a while, but I have been super busy with my boyfriends family, learning to shoot, and working on a charity. At some point I will be traveling for a bit, and starting and overseeing a local charity, which I will post on here, because it will be funded via online donations.

First let’s talk shooting really quick, today I hit my first can! It was only a pump bb riffle that I used, but I have improved greatly from the last time when I was about off from my target. I think when I can finally hit a quarter repeatedly, and a moving frisbee, than I can move on to .22’s. Guns make nervous, even though we have multiple riffles, revolvers etc. in the house. I always ask, “Will it ricochet?” “Is the safety on?” “Is it loaded?” “Are you sure?!” Yeah, I saw A Christmas Story when I was a kid.

Another cool thing that I did was play “football” with my dogs today. They have a NERF squeak football that they adore, and so do I! Why do I like it so much? Its lasted! My pitbulls are notorious chewers, they destroy tennis balls in seconds, so when you find I ball that last a few weeks, I’m thankful.

Speaking of weeks I will heading up north for my birthday, where I will spend some time with friends, and get some items from storage because I couldn’t do it this month. So hello never worn shoes, my gaming pc and other items that I have seriously missed since down grading my lifestyle and moving to Maryland.

It will be the first time back up there since my grandmother died, and I am still missing the conversations we had and the advice and support she gave.

Lastly, as I mentioned I will be in charge of a local personal charity (not deductible) to help raise money for safe housing, etc. for an couple individuals. I will post a link when I get around to making the page. If you would be interested in donating, great! If not, I ask you still help me out by spreading the word and asking your friends, family, and co workers to donate and or share the link.

Thanks for reading!

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