Weight Loss and Clothes You adore!

While I am still keeping busy following up on my favorite charities, I am also very busy with my new weight loss plan.

It has been a few years since my last diet, and in all honesty, it was a bit of a failure. It wasn’t that I didn’t loose weight, because I did. It was a failure because it made me sick. I used to wake up and eat a couple spoonfuls of natural peanut butter, and by natural I mean it was primarily peanuts with no added sugars etc. Later in the day I would I eat either and apple or a cheese stick. That was it, all day.

I would exercise constantly. I would be become depressed if the scale didn’t say I had lost at least one pound every morning. I said thing like “I ate already” or “I’ll eat later” knowing full well I was lying to protect my secret because people worry, and their worries annoyed me. I thought I was happy, after all, I had control, I had will power. I was on my way to perfection.

You may be wondering what changed, why I bumbed up my calories and carbs knowing I would gain weight. The answer is simple, I was sick. I would faint, I was in the ER at least once a week getting two to three bags of fluid pumped in me, my heartbeat was not normal, and I could even feel my pulse in my ankles while I tried in vain to fall asleep. I was angry that I wasn’t loosing three pounds a day, and became annoyed when someone offered me food, even a few bites of celery. I finally ran out of energy.

I decided, if I continued, I was going to be in jeopardy, so I added salads for lunch, and ate small meals instead of just an apple or cheese stick. I even added sugar and cream in my morning coffee! I did this for months. I finally ate pizza in front of my then new boyfriend because I didn’t want him to think I was a total weirdo. It was that pizza that made me throw all that hard work out the window. It was sooo good! And since then, I have ate whatever, whenever, I wanted.

Sounds like a good story, but I have a love for chocolate that isn’t healthy, I love cake. I like pasta, McDonalds daily doubles, and their hot fudge sundaes. I like KFC… a lot. So now I have become a bit of a blob. But I’m a happy blob.

Its taken me a while to feel comfortable enough to diet again. I didn’t want to go back to my lack of food addiction. I didn’t want to have to lie again and feel alone hiding my “so called” problem, because for me, it never really was a problem. But, I have come to a point where I don’t fear relapse. I’m okay with not being perfect. Though, after seeing my old clothes, I have decided they are far too cute to sit folded in a box.

That brings us to now, my first diet in years. I am happy to say, I am watching my calories, carbs, fats, sugars, fiber and protein. My addiction isn’t chocolate, it isn’t soley control or perfection. My addiction is healthy management of my intake, its balance. Thought I may still have an addictive personality, for the first time in a long time, I can say its the healthiest addiction I could ask for. I was actually slightly concerned I only had seven to eight-hundred calories a couple days this week because I know my body burns about five-hundred just sleeping.

I’m writing this not to brag that I’m getting healthy, but to tell other people its okay not be perfect and your not alone. No matter if you struggle because you have some sort of eating disorder and are feeling drained by it, or if you need to shed some pounds for health reasons. I have been on both sides of the weight coin, and so far, making good choices feels the best!

If you under eat, know your body will be happy its getting feed, know its okay to gain a few pounds, because real people are not skeletal, airbrushed and photo-shopped photos are. Plus, in studies, men tend to prefer woman around a size twelve, not six! Know its okay to eat a few chocolate chips, or visit your doctor with your health concerns if your having dizzy spells, dry skin or hair loss. Its okay to be normal, and you don’t need to give up control to give up a concerning disorder.

If you struggle to stay focused on a diet, get inspiration! Mine was my old clothes, if you don’t adore them, then think of them as money wasted if you don’t wear them! Or, if you don’t have any old smaller sized clothing, do what I used to, buy some! Every time you drop a size, get a new wardrobe! And be happy even if you don’t always hit your weight loss goals, there’s always tomorrow! It really isn’t the end of the world if you only lose one pound in a week, because your one pound closer to success! A whole pound! If you ever saw a pound of fat, you would realize, it took effort to shed it!

Some staples in my healthy diet are; Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal
Grilled Chicken
Baked Fish
Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt
Fruit and Low Fat Yogurt Cups
Salads with Lean Hamburger, shredded Cheese, and Taco Seasoning!
I also eat;
Muller Dark Chocolate and Fruit Greek Yogurt (great for a sweet tooth crave)
Turkey Chili with beans
Baked Beans
Whole Wheat and Veggie Puree Pastas
Chunky Veggie Pasta Sauce
Whole Grain Sandwich Thins
Chilli with hot sauce
Turkey Bologna
Low Fat Pork and Turkey Hot dogs
Peanut Butter
Ranch Dressing (in moderation)
Carmel (a couple spoonfuls with apple slices makes a great sweet tooth treat every now and again)
Flavored Sparkling Water
Powerade Zero
Gatorade Low Cal
And lots of water!

To close, here are some stretches/exercises that I enjoy and maybe you will too! (Ps. Make sure you warm up, cool down and stretch!) Bridge opposite arm leg reach, sit ups, girly push ups, curls, snow angels, stair climbing, squats, planks, chest press, toe points, arm and ankle circles, overhead reach, leg lifts, eleves, walking (I prefer hills to help slim down my hips), etc.

The exercises above are fairly simple. And, as an added bonus, if you mix and match them, it keeps it interesting and fun, and as an added bonus, you target multiple areas such as your chest, tush, legs, hips, shoulders and stomach!

Hope this serves as some hope or inspiration.

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