Parenting Rant

Really glad my mother threw out my toys if I didn’t pick them up, grounded me, and made me return the candy I stole. Glad she told me no and glad my grandmother beat my butt when I didn’t sit on the couch properly. Thankful she pulled my ear, smacked me with her hairbrush and had a paint stick with my name on it. It wasn’t child abuse, they didn’t beat me for the heck of it, they were teaching me life lessons.

If it wasn’t for my mother making me return the candy, I would be a thief, and probably in jail, if she didn’t throw away my toys, I wouldn’t value and take care of what I have. If my grandmother didn’t smack me for not sitting “properly”, I would never have learned to sit like a lady and portray confidence while doing so. If she didn’t smack me with her brush, I would be a lot less inclined to sit under a hot hair dryer to get a perm and more likely to whine about every little hair pull. Without that paint stick and being grounded I would have grown up to believe that the world revolved around me and it would have been a much harder lesson to learn as an adult.

I’m posting this because I’m sick of seeing young woman behave like trollops, kids throwing violent fits when someone tells them no. I’m feed up with parents not having control. As hard as it for some parents to believe, when your child’s screaming in the store, running into people with shopping carts and swearing at you, I don’t think its cute. I don’t find it to be funny, or charming in ANY way. I find that type of behavior to be alarming.

By giving your children whatever they want and never telling them no, your hurting them. Your not being nice to other people, your not being nice to your child, and your not helping yourself, because it will only get worse. Worse for those of us who have to put up with your child in public, more crushing for the child when they grow up and reality hits like a boulder, and as a parent, you’ll be left to always pick up the pieces.

So I am asking parents to please, please, set boundaries. Enforce them, even if you don’t believe in spanking, you can follow through with time outs, etc. Children, even small ones, are not stupid, most can comprehend right from wrong, and understand the concept of repercussions. Nothing bothers me more than a parent that’s just lazy, always “the friend” or afraid of their child.

It saddens me to see the way some of these kids end up, dropping out, pregnant, on the streets, on drugs. These are kids that will have to learn some very tough life lessons, and too many will have to struggle to make a better life for themselves. I think if they had more guidance and discipline, they may have had more confidence, greater opportunities, and brighter futures.

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