Time, isnt on my side.

It feels like I have been sooo busy! This weekend I got to take a break from the monotony of daily life and head to a cookout, where we, like many other americans, watched fireworks, pet the neighbors dog, and relaxed. Only, to get back to the grind though the next day.

I feel as if I have totally disregarded my commitment to this blog though, and honestly can not promise another post. So, just a heads up, please don’t hold your breath. Someday I would greatly like to get back on track, finish the dictionary, make a post about how to properly wash clothes, give tips on how to keep jeans looking like new for years. Post about the cutest hunting fashion just in case you date a redneck with a large truck, or maybe ridding apparel in case your seeing a country boy who lives on a horse farm, maybe even post about my favorite horses (Shire, percherons, falabella, black forest and cleveland bays are on the top of that list!) Or the hottest show saddles!

But enough open air talk, I need to get ready to go, I have to go shopping (the boring kind, baking supplies and household items) and get my sometimes charming boyfriend motivated for a long night of travel, and keeping up appearances.

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