Nail Polish And Art

Thanks for still visiting the site even though I haven’t been able to post for a while. I haven’t even had the chance to buy paint! So needles to say my stairs still look spring horrid.

I did see on twitter though that natural nails were the way to go, celebrities are opting for no polish. I however, adore polish!

Here are a few hand painted tutorials straight from youtube that I have personally used when I couldn’t go to the salon. In fact, I did cherry blossoms this week! If you aren’t very good at hand painting though you can always just grab some gems and decals, they are a quick and easy!

On the other hand (no pun intended) if you are more advanced, just google images. I find google images to be sooo time saving!

Also remember if you don’t have the tools a lot of the time you can use household items such as toothpicks, make up sponges, nail art pens, etc.

Now here are a few pretty good Youtube nail art tutorials;

Cherry Blossoms-

Cosmic Nail Art-

Newspaper Clippings-

Sexy Lace-


Pirate Skulls-


And get creative, use an online source but change up the colors or add some gems. The possibilities are endless!

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