My Grandmother recently died, and it has kept me a bit distracted. We were very close, but since moving to Maryland, I really didn’t get to see her. At first there was a bit of guilt, but she was wise and I would like to think, that she would understand how life can get in the way. Not saying its right or wrong, but it happens regardless.

I missed the funeral, but may need to go up next month. Its hard to get back, its expensive, we have the dogs, our neighborhood could be nicer, meaning I wouldn’t stress so much leaving our flat screen, game consoles and so on unattended for long periods of time.

But you do what you have to, and in the end I have no regrets. She knew even with the age gap she was one of my closest friends, confidant, and one of the few people I respected.

Hopefully I can console my family in the upcoming months, and our lives will get back on track. But as for now, I’ll be spending less time online and more time keeping in touch with scattered aunts and cousins.

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Sorry for not posting, I have had a lot going on, and due to a family emergency, probably won’t post again until around the 29th. Just wanted to let ya know I didn’t abandon the blog.

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Nail Polish And Art

Thanks for still visiting the site even though I haven’t been able to post for a while. I haven’t even had the chance to buy paint! So needles to say my stairs still look spring horrid.

I did see on twitter though that natural nails were the way to go, celebrities are opting for no polish. I however, adore polish!

Here are a few hand painted tutorials straight from youtube that I have personally used when I couldn’t go to the salon. In fact, I did cherry blossoms this week! If you aren’t very good at hand painting though you can always just grab some gems and decals, they are a quick and easy!

On the other hand (no pun intended) if you are more advanced, just google images. I find google images to be sooo time saving!

Also remember if you don’t have the tools a lot of the time you can use household items such as toothpicks, make up sponges, nail art pens, etc.

Now here are a few pretty good Youtube nail art tutorials;

Cherry Blossoms-

Cosmic Nail Art-

Newspaper Clippings-

Sexy Lace-


Pirate Skulls-


And get creative, use an online source but change up the colors or add some gems. The possibilities are endless!

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As the seasons change I find myself in need of different scenery, so it is time to redecorate. This winter I had lots of blue on the bed, black and grey towels, but now its about that time for flowers and not snow. Okay, okay, so maybe I’m rushing spring a bit! But I’m tired of the chilly weather, I want ballet flats and spring air already!

With the lighter feel in the air, I’ll crave lighter brighter colors, and thinner fabrics. I have already cut my hair, now I just need to dye it, chances are I’ll simply pull out the strawberry blonde highlights I already have, make them pop. I’ll add more color into my wardrobe, more skirts and some capris for nice days.

As for my living space, I have been busy picking out paint in my spare time, not that I have had much. But I have chosen to use a teal and chartreuse. Behr’s Mermaid Treasure and Hidden Meadow are good contenders. I’ll paint the stairs and get rid of the white risers and dark wood treads that I have looked since I moved in.

Speaking of dark wood, I know light will be in, but I really like Lamton’s Princeton Black laminate. It would look great in my bedroom, easy to clean, and only around 50 cents. The best part, for me, is that I can do it myself. As a slight control freak, I enjoying doing things myself, that way I know whatever it is, will get done the way I want.

A good example of getting what I want and how I want would be the stair handrail. I know I want white, but if I were to send my boyfriend into the store he would grab any white, and I would be angry he didn’t get the whitest white they have, because I want white and not almost white. I am fond Glidden’s Dove White, so chances are, that’s the one I’ll grab. Not Arctic White or Antique White, but Dove White.

Once I have all the painting done, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I start picking out other tidbits to swap out or redo. Maybe paint the unused computer desk, update it. Or, get new blinds, possibly in tan instead of the brown that’s currently hanging.

I find when I get into spring cleaning mode, that’s the best time to swap out items. Might as well sweep up paint chips while in the mood!

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