Gone To The Dogs.

You love your fluffy pal and being fashionable, what’s a girl to do? Read this and then go shopping of course!

Purse sized dogs will always be in style, pretty much have been since the victorian era. But what about larger breeds such as retrievers? I feel like we see many dogs like Tinkerbell, but not so many Marleys. Sure travel is easier with a poodle sized dog, toy breeds have tons of fabulous fashions to choose from and are small enough to hold up for a selfie photo op. So the question still remains, can you be super fashionable with a bigger breed? I mean you can’t dress them! Wait a minute… You can!

My current dogs are both around 65 pounds, and finding clothes for them is a hard enough, but cute clothes, a nightmare! And they shed! What is easy though, is that dog apparel seems to keep that fur on them and off me and my clothes. And, I like that cute dresses are just that, cute. Plus parka of course keeps them warm in the winter and raincoats keep them dry and not smelling like, well… wet dogs. There are a number of sites out there that offer a fairly wide array of pet products, and listed are a few of my top choices for wearable products, including a dress big enough to fit my chunky girl.

Just a helpful hint, its much easier for me to buy pet clothes at the shop instead of online because my female dog has lots of junk in her trunk (and everywhere else) and I find some XXL’s to be too big or too small for her despite general size charts. Its works better if I can view them, pull them a little, and imagine her fitting in it. Its like when I get them stretchy christmas collars with bells, I have to say, will this fit over my head? If not, it won’t fit over theirs.

Now, without further ado, spring apparel for your pet, that is just as adorable as your pet!

Amazon’s Hot Bows Spotlight with a French Clip for Dogs.
Price: $13.62

Dog.com’s Doggles K9 Optix Copper Dog Glasses.
Price: $11.13

Dr Foster and Smith’s Sherpa Trimmed Hoodie.
Sizes: XS-XXL
Price: $8.99-18.99

Gucci’s dog bone pendant with swarovski crystal detail.
Price: $175

Louis Vuitton’s Dog Carrier 50.
Price: $2,780.00

Petco’s Smoochie Pooch Purple Glamour Girl Dog Hoodie.
Sizes: XXS-M
Price: $11.99

Petco’s Smoochie Pooch Pink Flower Garden Dog Dress.
Sizes: XXS-3XL
Price: 11.99-15.99

Petco Smoochie Pooch Purple & Green Floral Dog Dress
Sizes: XXS-M
Price: $11.99

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