My Lack Of Fashion Week?

You see Fashion week everywhere! As in all over the world and all over the tv. It seems whatever country is hosting fashion week, that’s what’s on the that country’s televisions. You also see it in print and on the web.

As much I love fashion shows, there’s just too much to cover in one blog post and there’s just too much already out there as it happens. My boyfriend just said to me “Did you hear that Sarah Jessica Parker Chick will be at her store in New York, bet you wanna go.” And though I would love to see the Carrie shoes first hand and have SJP ring me up, I have heard about her new shoes a hundred times. And seen them on the web, read about how she name the collection Carrie and so on. Even adoring Carrie Bradshaw, SJP and some of the shoes from her I have seen, I get it already! She has new shoes and a deal with Nordstrom’s!

I can’t spend time covering something I don’t like. To me its fruitless. I would much rather tell you what I like, what I look forward to and give my personal opinions than just “Carrie” on about what the media tells me to like. That’s why I made the Spring Into Spring post. I offer up my favorites, instead of just throwing everything into a post, even items none of us will ever wear!

Take The Blonds bright yellow tweety bird swimsuit get up thing, the only people that would even be willing to rock that would be Miley (twerk in that tweet!) or Lady Gaga. I sure as hell wouldn’t wear it if given the chance. I might say “I need to add some canary yellow to my wardrobe” ” I need to be a bit more playful”, but I most certainly will not say “I want that!”

There have been some great pieces on the runway, mainly the shoes (I’m kind of a shoe nut) and most of the more eccentric looks are exquisite in an artful sort of way. But, the fact is, unless your into the beauty and art of high fashion, you get numb to things like fashion week, and most woman enjoy the idea of high fashion but just aren’t into it enough to spend time anticipating every article of clothing.

I just figured it made more sense, for me, to skip the play by play.

Real woman, real inspiration, real wardrobes. -Couture Vogue

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