The Average Gal and Peep Chic?

Some people think that if you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, you need to have tons of money. So not true. If you saw my spring 2014 blog, you should know that, airy open shoes will be in soon enough. So what’s peep chic? Well, the simple answer… Payless peep toe shoes, and they are under $50.00! Still can’t see spending that much? Payless has some for around $20.00.

Being fashionable isn’t solely about buying only high end designer, its about YOU! So don’t get bummed if you can’t afford a pair of black and gold Zanotti peep-toe heeled booties, because you may find a very similar pair at Target for $20.00!

You should never live solely by designer clothing, use the items on the runway as a guideline, a muse to inspire you. Its much better to do your own thing than be a copy cat. I detest when people copy my style, I love however, when I can be apart of creating something unique and beautiful. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of labels, Coach, Dior, etc. But, I buy what I like. For example, I adore 4 inch T- Strap heels, they make my feet look freaking marvelous! My fav pair of T- Straps were only $30.00, and go great with my daisy signature purse! They would look fantastic with almost any purse though!

You can mix and match a more haute couture piece with something you bought at GoodWill, its okay to be frugal if you need too! And, stores that sell vintage are great. Buying from a Salvation Army store, in my opinion, well, thats you doing your part to recycle and breathe new life into a old item! I must confess, used items freak me out, but I have friends that love, LOVE used clothing. And, I support them spending $2.00 on a cute pre owned shirt. Overall, moral of this blog… don’t spend more then you can afford.

A decent example: I have lovely gowns that I will never wear again (I bought 3 just for prom one year with matching shoes). Let me tell ya, I can’t fit in the dresses properly now, and have no desire to have them tailored. The shoes got worn out, and the all the amethyst jewelry I bought for one gown… stolen.

Looking back, I was a huge spendthrift, it was an addition, one that cost me a fortune. I learned to think before I buy, because there have been times, I wished I had that money. I recall once, when I dropped a ton on new designer clothes I didn’t need, the car broke down. I was left stranded and had to call for a ride, because I knew I couldn’t cover taxi fare.

Now, instead of just grabbing and paying, I check the price tag, and ask myself, how much do I want this, and most importantly, do I NEED this. So hop on the BOGO train, have fun, and don’t become distressed trying to impress “The Jones”. For someone else, you could already be “The Jones”.

Most of us need to save for emergencies, never be ashamed of that. Embrace it. It will not only save you cash, but it will save you from future headaches as well.

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