Valentines Made Quick And Easy!

I just wanted to throw out some last minute ideas for all you procrastinators.

*Got a chocolate lover on your hands? Give Godiva! Godiva is one of my all time favorite chocolatiers. My second choice would be Lindt truffles, and they can be found just about anywhere nowadays, so no need to worry about shipping. Psst… While your grabbing a box for whomever, grab one for me too!

*Want to do something special for single gal pals? I give flowers, I also add balloons or a small candy bar. And, I always make sure they are their favorite types of flowers and/or their favorite colors, luckily, ribbons make for a great splash of color.

*Tickets. Movies make good gifts when you are unclear regarding what a persons preferences are when it comes to Valentines gift getting. Like for when you know he hates sweets, but loves action flicks.

*Mix tapes are so romantic, if your valentine loves personalized and crafty, this is perfect, and it doesn’t take very long to download a few songs.

*Romantic night in. A bottle of wine and a couple candles can go along way! For romance I normally suggest a blush, but if your eating chocolate, this might be too sweet for you.

* Jewelry, just make sure its not going to tarnish. Nothing says cheap like a green finger. Also, make sure its a metal your valentine will wear. Not sure of ring size? Skip it and get a necklace. Pearls make for good gifts too, so don’t just get stuck on diamonds.

*Got a kid? Stuffed animals are all around!

*Pets? Doggy cookies are a nice way to say “I love you” or any gift really will make them happy! Sweet simplicity.

What about budgets? Its simple, get less pricey chocolates, or smaller quantities. Carnations are only a couple bucks and you can swap nice wine for boxed if you must. I don’t suggest it, but then again, I, myself, won’t turn my nose up if offered boxed zinfandel.

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